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A Tribute to the Martyrs of Tuticorin.

What happened in Tuticorin is no less than a democide,
the state snuffing out lives whom it supposed to protect.
The reckless and depraved disregard for the lives,
brought out the ugly and monstrous side of the state.

The state is taking the lives of its own people, 
to give 'ease of doing business' to its tycoon cronies.
To enable them to grab lands, flout environmental norms, 
violate labour laws and to usurp the natural resources.

People gave up their lives and achieved martyrdom,
to protect the 'ease of living' of their fellow humans.
To let them have a breath of fresh air and a gulp of pure water,
and to enable them save their natural resources and environment.

Democracy is no longer ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’,
it got hijacked to become ‘of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%’.
The neo-liberal spaces ever expand and public spaces ever shrink,
till the society is transformed into an oligarchy, into a tycoon fiefdom.

Tycoons campaign finance the politicos to get ease of doing business,
people queue up and exercise their franchise to get bullets in return.
This is the time to reclaim our democracy and regain our lost power,
the only way out is democratic deliberation and political confrontation.

Let's set aside, cricket, soaps, celeb gossip, reality TV and selfies for a while,
and spare a thought for those who breathed their last fighting for our rights.
Let's make sure that the lives of those who fought for clean air won’t go in vain,
by showing that we are the masters and oligarchy is only their pipe dream.

(This poem is a tribute to the unarmed civilians who lost their lives in the police firing during a protest demonstration against the toxic Sterlite Copper plant in Tuticorin, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India.)

Dump all the ‘nomics’ to bring forth a ‘New Deal’.

News media writes about many ‘nomics’,
Whether it is Manmohanomics or Modinomics.
They are all plagiarized from Reaganomics,
Which is nothing but trickle-down economics.

If there is anything profoundly unfair,
It is none other than the laissez-faire.
Tycoons are the ones politicians care,
Commoners, helpless, silently bare.

When politicos push ease of business,
The commoners lose ease of living.
All the talk about the high growth,
Is nothing but a mountain of froth.

Demagogues pretend respect for democracy,
Their aim, however, is promoting oligarchy.
They promise ‘achche din’ for multitudes,
But gang up with tycoons to inflict servitude.
When they want to divert people’s attention,
Use Ram Lalla and Sabarimala pretention.
They claim that there is a danger to religion,
To push bread and butter issues into oblivion.

The Parivars - whether it is Gandhi or Sangh,
What people face from them is only a ‘Jung’.
They enrich themselves making many ‘deals’,
To give the poor and the ordinary a raw deal.

They deregulate in the name of ‘reform’,
To slowly let the public goods to deform.
Modinomics is guided by the World Bank,
Which makes all human development tank.

The right-wing forces, wherever they thrive,
The interests of the ultra-rich they drive.
Whether it is US’s Trump or India’s Modi,
They are one and the same, Donald Modi.

Let’s democratically deliberate and confront,
To combat the regressive forces upfront.
We must replace all ‘nomics’ with a ‘New Deal’,
And install people who have an egalitarian zeal.

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